I’m still trying to figure out how trying to remember things we did months ago by reading it over nonstop for hours and only remembering it for the time we write the exam and then completely forgetting everything afterwards is going to help us in any way

When reading Shakespeare literally all I see is a bunch of made up words on a page all mixed together in no coherent order and then the teacher asks what is happening and I honestly have no idea because my brain is unable to process anything I am reading but other people in the class are all talking about the plot and I’m just sitting there questioning my brain’s information processing skills and decide that I am completely illiterate

Thoughts during driving school

  • This place is sketchy
  • I'm going to die
  • When is the bomb going off?
  • This is boring
  • Get me out of here
  • When is this class going to end
  • Death
  • Kill me now
  • How many ways can I commit suicide in this room?
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veronicagaray-deactivated201209 asked: I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR VANE <3

THANKS VER, i didn’t realize you could send messages thanks man